I became a Realtor with RE/MAX after a long career in Business Management, Sales and Operations. With a large public trading U.S. Corporation, ABF Freight System for 22 years, I learned many skills. Growth and profits were from acquired value based negotiations, teamster touch labour, KPI measured, cost model driven, on goal, on time, and ever improving efficacy. I motivate and am motivated. Multiple President Club awards reflect that. The teams I formed over the last 12 years there as Branch Mgr., drove the operating ratio from the mid 90's, through the 80's, 70's, and into the low 60's. We became one of the most profitable touch labour terminals in the system year in and year out. The ABF Corp is defined by the culture of QUALITY and driven by the acronym 'DIRTFT' Do It Right The First Time . This culture is ingrained and etched into my business personality.

The skill sets honed there transfer extremely well into Real Estate. An ardent negotiator, tactical practitioner, and a successful team builder. I take the time to listen, understand, and communicate. I will understand your situation, to ensure that your interests are protected and you get connected to the resources you may need to be totally pleased with your experience. 

In 1988 I paid $500 for a career analysis. After 4 consecutive evenings of completing multiple IQ and personality tests, I waited a week for the results. The reults were that my innate strengths and abilities can be best expressed in a professional career as a realtor. The challenge, detail, negotiating, and variety of responsibilities as a Realtor, fully engages my personal strengths and attributes. I was told that if I'm a round peg, real estate is a round hole. At the time, I was newly divorced with 3 young girls. It wasn't the right time to leave a good salary, for commission and personal satisfaction. 

I've lived and worked in White Rock South Surrey for over 20 years. When I remarried in 1992, we bought our first home together on Foster St. in White Rock, then bought a commercial property on Pacific Ave. for By the Sea Esthetics.

A lucky, loved and cared for husband, father of 5 and grampa to 3. Life is good, and opportunities to give back abound. White Rock South Surrey is a great place to live.



Casey Whitworth
Casey Whitworth